what we do best

Helping to good people make good investments in the best place in the world

Objectives and strategy

We formalize objectives and goals, provide cases, choose the most profitable strategy for the client

Market analytics + AI

We garther data from 12.000+ objects in daily analytics in our own powerful AI-platform

Choose the best options

We search and choose only the best products, work with the best developers and owners, build the best products by ourselves.

Maintenance and management

We consult our customers about ownership issues, accompany with transactions, take objects into management with high OR and ROI

who do we work for?

First of all, we are investors, entrepreneurs, developers, owners of digital and IT companies.

Our clients are the same entrepreneurs, investors, people of creative professions, top managers, experts in their industries. People with values and experiences that are close to us. We become friends with most of our clients.

We live in Koh Phangan, invest here, build for us and for customers. In fact - we are maximally interested in more and more smart and interesting people successfully invest to the KPG Island, so that they spend more time here, find new opportunities for life, health and business.

Our values and approach

We search and choose only the best products and deals for our clients

We only work with the best properties that we would like to invest in ourselves or buy them for ourselves. Thanks to our approach, our clients work with us again and referal us to their friends.

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AI analitics platform

Offers and lots

We monitor the SEA market daily, analyze and fo conclusions

ROI on renting

Average performance of our deals on Koh Phangan.

ROI on flip

Average performance of our deals on Koh Phangan and Samui.

Now projects for sale in our database
Of these have great potential
Of these, objectively underestimated
It still makes sense to wait in the purchase
Our favorite locations on Koh Phangan



Our clients Says About Us

lets meet together

Ask us about real estate on KPG! We can help!

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Take advantage of our competencies instead of wasting your time and money

We also investors and build for ourselves, so with our own money

We are not hired "managers", we are the same investors as our clients. In addition to helping our clients buy and invest, we invest, build and buy for ourselves and our friends.

Powerful AI-platform with analytics

We know everything about the real estate market in SEA, rental rates, calculations of real numbers for ROI and OR. We analize data on more than 12,000 lots per day.

Sharing our resources with clients

We have a huge resource for development, construction and finishing, IT, marketing, etc. We are always happy to help our clients.